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About ‘Brittany France’ or ‘The Brit in Brittany’ is for anyone seeking information about Brittany, especially from a British perspective. It will provide an insight into the Bretagne way of life, advice about how to adapt to a lifestyle in Brittany, where to go, where to stay and general information. You will also hopefully enjoy our photos of Brittany France which will eventually expand into a complete picture library 

Brittany France was created because when we first considered a move to France, we found it difficult to get quality information about the towns, area’s, travel, reputation, and everything one would need to adopt Brittany as their home or potential holiday destination. Also, some of the information on offer was outdated, or had been lifted from other sites, or was just wholly inaccurate.

So it was decided to start this site to offer our own experiences about buying a property in Brittany, and try to help others who were thinking of moving to France.

We will answer every day life questions such as; “How do I open a bank account?” “How do I create a standing order?” Whether you speak French or not, the banking system is very different than in Britain, where we can set everything up on-line and then sit back.

Also; “How do we choose our electricity company in Brittany?” (As if there’s a choice!) “How does the rubbish removal system work?” are amongst literally hundreds of questions to consider.

We are new to Brittany. This means that the information on this site should be fresh and current, however, our experiences may not mirror other peoples, so we invite comment at every stage so that everyone gets a balanced and unbiased perspective.

We anticipate that this site will grow in line with our experiences, and we genuinely welcome input and contributions from everyone in Brittany, whether they be Bretons, French or Brits.

Your personal experiences could have a massive influence on this website, so please don’t hold back, even if it is only a criticism of a published article, or a question about the weather in Brittany. Anyone out there who has had a legal complication of any kind whilst moving to Brittany, or setting up a business in Brittany – we’d love to hear from you.

If you are a business owner in Brittany, and feel that you can contribute to this site then please email us with your article about with whatever experiences that you may have encountered, you can unashamedly promote your own business whilst doing so.

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Visiting the Cities of Brittany France

Buildings in RennesRennes is the the capital city of Brittany. It is full of life  and is steeped in history. Well worth a special visit, but like most places in Brittany, don’t forget your camera!

Brest in Brittany, FranceBrest also has huge historic value having been heavily bomber during world war two…


Quimper has one of the most wonderful city centres, offering art, restaurants, cathedral and plenty else to discover…


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